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Elaine is very popular!

Yesterday my parents picked me up from the office together with Scott and Elaine. We then took the kids for a stroll along the Bund. Scott loved it, he pointed out all the different boats to me and he was happily running and jumping on the newly opened river promenade.

Many people took pictures of him, but Elaine was even more popular: because of the Expo there were a lot of local tourists who have likely never seen a blonde baby girl before. So quite a few tried to take a picture with her, preferably with themselves in it as well. Elaine wasn’t scared at all, she just looked curiously at all the photographers around her. And of course I took a picture of her with the photographers!

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  1. I can’t wait to see how Elaine is going to react to all this when she becomes old enough to review the footage and archived photos of this period in her life.

  2. Our tow headed (blond) grandkids were
    even more popular at Hangzhou West Lake than expo but after a few hours they
    can’t take it anymore – most Chinese are
    polite about ASKing but some are very demanding.