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Tudou to Stream 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Online

This press release went out earlier today and I decided to put it on my blog as well. This is another great milestone for Tudou. During the last World Cup I could not have imagined that we would ever send a Tudou crew to a football World Cup to shoot our own programs and stream all matches on Tudou!

Leading online video licensing deal with national broadcaster CCTV to serve young, sports savvy audience in China
(May 13, 2010 – Beijing, China)

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  1. Hi M | As I’d said about Facebook, many many congratulations!

    I’d wanted to ask if I wanted to tune into the coverage, is there going to be a lag for viewers catching the stream from outside the PRC? Like a previous discussion we’d had about the line between China and Korea being severed, and therefore the streaming coverage in say, the EU, is necessarily going to be a bit slower?

    Curious if I should make Tudou my online station, or should I look into alternative options?

  2. Adam, because all our servers are inside the Great Firewall I assume the viewing experience won’t be optimal for people outside China. I am actually not sure if we need to implement geo-restrictions. I think you probably should look for alternative solutions – or move to China 🙂

  3. Great great news but I’ll be very surprised if (especially with Football…) they don’t ask Tudou to implement geo-restrictions.

    Anyway, Tudou as always worked fine from Taiwan, I hope it’ll be the case during the the WC!!

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