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iPad #fail

This afternoon I was sitting in my garden trying to read some mails and an ebook on my iPad (today was an official holiday in Shanghai because of the Expo). Not a good combination, because it’s hard to see the iPad screen when the sun shines. For me that’s a big reason why the iPad is not the right gadget to use as a primary ebook reader, but that’s a different story (try e-ink readers to see what a real ebook reader looks like).

Next to the fact that you can hardly see anything on the iPad, it also seems to overheat quickly. It wasn’t a particularly hot today (about 28 degrees), but within 15 minutes the screen went black telling me that the product was too hot to use… I brought it inside where it took me 10 minutes to cool it off enough to use it again. To make things worse it also did not auto save some of the things that I had changed. For example, when I turned on the Amazon Kindle app the book opened at the page where I had opened it up last time, not at the page where I was when the iPad suddenly shut itself down.

In Twitter terms: iPad #fail

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