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Am I really a geek?

Ahead of the Geeks On A Plane tour to Asia interviewed – as they call it – 5 of China’s biggest geeks. I was one of them, so I guess now I am officially a geek. The other people interviewed for the article are gaming guru Frank Yu, Youku consultant & rock star Kaiser Kuo, Tudou CEO Gary Wang and Qifang CEO Calvin Chin. It’s a small world in China, because we all know each other.

In the interview I mention the geek project that gets me most excited: an investment in a still-below-the-radar and not-yet-launched start-up called United Styles. Probably more about that in a few months when they plan to launch, but I can now already say that they have the potential to disrupt the fashion industry.

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  1. Unless someone does some real hardware or software development for a few years and is very interested in the technical aspects, I don’t consider him/her a geek. So I don’t consider you a geek, but a successful entrepreneur in the IT-business. Nothing wrong with that either, but a geek… not really 🙂