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My kids love computers!

As you can see from the pictures my kids love computers just as much as I do. Elaine at 10 months (now 11 actually, she had her “birthday” yesterday) old already plays games on an old Sony laptop, and the first thing Scott says when I come home is “Papa, iPad, papa, iPad”. For babies and toddlers computers are the most normal things in the world, and they have no fear for them at all.

When I gave Scott my iPad for the first time it took him less than 2 minutes to figure out how to turn it on, how to unlock the opening screen and to open up an app. No manual needed for kids! I bought a lot of toddler games for Scott and Elaine, and Scott already remembers which one he likes best and fires them up before I get a chance to help him. The touch screen user interface is so natural to him that he now tries to move icons on my (non-touch screen) MacBook Pro with his hands as well!

Scott also knows the Apple logo. When he sees the Apple logo on one of my laptops or on my iPad he immediately says Apple! Also when he sees the Apple logo on my screen he points at it and says Apple. I often watch car videos on Tudou with

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  1. Does Tudou have video of Langlang
    playing Flight of the Bumblebee
    on an iPad? See Shanghaiist today.
    But, for me, behind Great Firewall, their
    link was apparently blocked.

  2. Which apps does Scott like best? I think the iPad is very useful for reading and for kids, but as a heavy programmer I think it’s not for me. I hate how Apple takes full control over the iPhone of my girlfriend and we cannot customize anything. I’ll wait for a good Android Pad for myself, but I’m glad Apple is pushing the innovation!

  3. @WHMcHarg Tudou has several versions of this video, see for example this one:

    @Thijs I also don’t like the control Apple has over its devices, but no other gadget comes close to the iPad. The apps Scott likes best are “I Hear Ewe”, “First Words Animals”, “Learning Pad”, “ABC Animals”, “PeekABoo”, “Balloonimals” and #1: “TalkingCarl”