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Guy Kawasaki – The Art of the Start

If you run a start-up or plan to set one up, chances are that you have already seen this 2006 video of Guy Kawasaki talking about “The Art of the Start”. I had seen it a couple of years ago, but this week a friend sent me the link again. I re-watched it while driving to the office this morning and still found it excellent, so I decided to post it here.

In case you don’t know Guy Kawasaki, he is among others a serial entrepreneur, former Apple evangelist (and Apple Fellow), a writer and a venture capitalist. He knows entrepreneurship in and out, both an entrepreneur and as a VC, and the video shows him giving an entertaining and interesting talk: a serious message about what’s important when starting a new business in a stand-up comedian package.

The video is 39 minutes long and worth every minute of it. Some of the things he says (both good & bad) remind me of the start-ups I did so far, and after seeing it again I’m sure I’ll do a few more in the future!

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