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2010 Tudou Video Festival: And the winner is…

On Saturday the 2010 Tudou Video Festival was held in Beijing. A total of 1000 invited guests attended this year’s festival in the northeastern suburbs of Beijing and watched the winners in 16 categories receive their awards. The prizes were handed out by famous Chinese directors and representatives of the sponsors of this year’s festival. The quality of the winning films was once again amazing, there is so much talent in China. And that talent now has the chance of showing their works to the rest of world with many clips getting millions of views. That’s the power of online video!

The winner of this year’s festival was the already famous machinima film ???? a.k.a. War of Internet Addiction. The movie was shot entirely inside the game World of Warcraft by 100 gamers who performed with their characters inside the game world and recorded everything themselves. Director :???? (Sexy Corn, I did not make up that name) then edited all the material in 3 months to a 64-minute movie. Total production cost of the “War of Internet Addiction” was literally zero – except for broadband connections, electricity bills, buying cigarettes, beers and snacks to get through the long hours.

The movie is quite controversial (see for more details the Wikipedia entry about this movie or the detailed English Google Document about it), and the audience was cheering when they saw this film among the finalists for the big prize, and even more when Gary announced that War of Internet Addiction won. Sexy Corn commented: “ was the only video website that supported the broadcasting of “War of Internet Addiction” on the web through and through, unlike other websites that temporarily banned the content. I like the open and free spirit of Tudou.”

Watch the movie for yourself below, or watch it here on Other works of Sexy Corn are available on his Tudou page here. The film has also been uploaded in 7 parts to YouTube (with English subtitles), see part 1 here.

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