The King of Kong

Today I was walking over the Game Developers Conference expo floor when I saw a crowd of people around an arcade machine. Out of curiosity I took a look what was going on and then I saw that someone was playing Donkey Kong. That used to be my favorite game in the early 1980’s, not on an arcade machine but on a Nintendo Stop & Watch (I still have an old one, but it stopped working years ago).

The guy playing was extremely good and when I looked at the sign next to the machine I realized I was watching the world record holder in action, Steve Wiebe He was the first person ever to break the 1,000,000 points barrier in Donkey Kong. I haven’t played Donkey Kong in ages, but it was fun to see Steve in action. He actually plays very differently from how I used to play. I always tried to go up as soon as possible, he takes his time and tries to score as many points first before going up one level. Pretty cool to see him play. See for more information on Steve see his website here, or his Wikipedia page here. There was also a film made about him, see here for more information.

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