New RSS feed for readers in China

On the Tudou Intranet there is a feed of my blog, but it shows only the titles of the posts. If you click on the title you get the full text. What I did not realize is that because I started usingĀ (Feedburner) for the content of my posts and this seems to be blocked in China, nobody could read the full post anymore at Tudou. Because my RSS feed contains the full feed, other readers in China without a VPN could still see the whole post. But if they would click on the link to see the post itself or to comment they would get an error message.

I now added an additional RSS feed for everybody in China using Feedsky at So if you are behind the Great Firewall and use RSS to read this blog, it’s probably better to change the feed. On the top right corner of this blog you will see the two RSS feeds, the original one at and the China one at

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