Last day of the CNY holiday

On Twitter my friends outside China are all happy that it’s Friday and almost weekend, but here in China everybody is getting ready for one of the “only-in-China” 7-day working weeks that will start tomorrow. I don’t mind too much actually, there are a lot of things I want to do the next days, but working 7 days in a row instead of 5 is not something many people look forward to. The Chinese press always talks about the one week off that everybody gets for Chinese New Year, but by substituting days off for extra working days on the weekend it’s actually only 3 days.

The last day of my holiday I spent mainly with Scott. We went for a long walk this morning (more than one hour), Scott on his tricycle, me walking in front/next to/behind him. Scott wanted to stop every 10 meters because he discovered something new, I am always surprised by all the things he finds along the way. After that we had lunch at the Green Apple where Scott played for a while in the sun. The weather was very nice and the next days will be even nicer. Pity I will have to  spend them inside in my office.

Elaine is not doing so well, she had a high fever for the past two days, so early this evening we went to the hospital for a quick check. Nothing serious, but with small babies you don’t want to take any risks. She is such an adorable little girl, I feel bad for her knowing that she is not feeling well, but not being able to do much. Hope she’ll be fine soon.

The only good thing about the end of the holiday is that our cooking ayi and nannies will (hopefully) come back soon from their hometowns to help with cooking, cleaning and the kids. We managed well without them during the past week (eating out a lot!), but it’s much more convenient having them around.

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