Japanese game portal live

This afternoon we launched a completely redesigned game portal for the Japanese market, Before we decided on the design of the site we did quite a lot of research on what makes a portal in Japan successful. Website design in Japan is very different from the US or Europe, but also from portal design in China.

One main difference is that the site has a lot less games than our average portal, only 150 selected games in this case (as a comparison, our sites in China have thousands of games). Also the different colors for the different categories were carefully selected. The site not only has single player games, but also has a multiplayer section with games made by Qplaygames (part of the Spil Games network). Games can be posted on social networks with just one click, and you can save your favorite games on your own game page. Note that this is just the first version of the site, over time new functionalities will be added.

Thanks to the team for the hard work on the launch, we all hope the site will become a big success!

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  1. : The color of the bar below navigation is orange, which is the same as the nav. that’s a big visual noise.

    I suggest you change it to other less bright color e.g. gray.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion Kyle, I have forwarded your comment to the designer. By the way, sorry for the late moderation of your comment, I missed it last week.