2010 did not start very well for me: I have been in bed since New Year’s Day with the flu. On New Year’s Eve we had a nice dinner at Noble Seafood but I felt pretty tired already. I thought it was because of a combination of too much work and not enough sleep, so I did not pay too much attention to it. The next day my whole body was aching and I just wanted to lie down, but because my parents were visiting and would leave the next day, I decided not to give in and spend time with them. But after a late lunch at a Japanese sushi bar I felt so miserable that I took a hot bath and spent the rest of the day on the couch.

Saturday I mainly spent on the couch covered with blankets or in bed with a hot water bottle. I did not feel like eating but still managed to eat some soup and light food. I was shivering despite putting the central heating as high as possible. Sunday was not much different, except that I felt even worse than Saturday. I went to bed at 8 PM but was in a half-awake-half-asleep state for most of the night, having strange dreams and just feeling very uncomfortable. I had planned not to take any medicine, but at 4 AM I took an Advil so I could finally sleep for a few hours.

I still had planned to go to work today, but it was physically impossible. After a hot shower I felt too dizzy to walk straight, so I had a small breakfast and put myself on the couch with my laptop. Hopefully taking an extra day of rest will help me to feel better again. I hate to be sick and normally go to work even when I am not feeling well, but sometimes your body just does not allow you to do that. Anyway, I can’t change it and luckily there is phone and email to keep up with what’s happening in the office. The only good thing is that I lost all the extra pounds of Christmas and New Year already, my weight dropped 3 kilos since New Year!

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