in, a good lunch delivery service in Shanghai

For the past couple of months I have been too busy to go out for lunch, so I normally order food. There is a place around the corner that quickly delivers sandwiches (O’deli, 335 Hanghe Lu, phone 6372 1576) for a reasonable price (RMB 22-33), but eating their sandwiches every day gets a bit boring. I am also a good client of delivery service Sherpa’s (, phone 6209 6209), but some of their places have a minimum order and the delivery fee can be relatively high if you just order a sandwich.
Through some colleagues in the office I now learned about This small chain (3 restaurants in Shanghai) delivers among other sandwiches, pizza and pasta, and the quality is excellent. They are quite innovative as well, if you add them on your MSN ( you can order by instant messenger! Delivery time was about 45 minutes today, despite ordering at the most busy time (12:15 PM).

I ordered a Olives and Ham panini with pesto sauce. They grilled the panini and it was still hot when it arrived. The taste was excellent and the price reasonable (RMB 35). They have a lot of other sandwiches as well, ranging from a standard sandwich for RMB 30 to RMB 42 for a Avocado Salmon sandwich. 12″ Italian pizzas start at RMB 40 and pastas range from RMB 30 to RMB 48. A good alternative to other delivery services, both in terms of price and quality. Actually it’s not just a good service for lunch, Coolzey delivers from 10 AM until 10:45 PM.

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  1. Tried to order yesterday, but they told me friendly, that my place was out of the delivery zone :(.

  2. That’s bad luck for you, I guess you’re back to Sherpa’s delivery then.