Spil Games first iPhone Game: Beauty Resort 2

So far Spil Games has mainly been active with casual online gaming portals, but last week our first iPhone game was launched in the App Store. The game is Beauty Resort 2, a spa-themed time management game that can also be played on our online portals (here for example) and that was very successful with a total of 25 million game plays for Beauty Resort 1 + 2 so far.

In Beauty Resort 2 you are the manager of a spa that you need to build out into a beauty empire. You start off with a spa on Easter island with 8 different levels, after that there are 4 other worlds that you need to manage (New Zealand, Japan, Nepal and Iceland), also each with 8 levels for a total of 40 levels. Your tasks are to keep your customers happy, to upgrade your resort with items and make sure you keep it clean, all by using the drag-and-drop functionality on the iPod Touch/iPhone’s touch screen.

There is both a FREE lite version of the game and a paid full version. The lite version has only the Easter Island world with 4 different levels, the full one has all 5 worlds and 40 levels and is priced at just EUR 0.79 / USD 0.99. Click on the links to download the version you would like to try. Spil plans to launch some more iPhone titles soon, I’ll announce them here on my blog once the games are available in the App Store. Enjoy the game!

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