Krispy Kreme in Shanghai!

A couple of days ago Krispy Kreme opened its first restaurant in Shanghai on Wujiang Lu, opposite Marks & Spencers. It took them almost 1.5 years to open the first store, giving Dunkin’ Donuts the opportunity to beat them in entering the Shanghai market first.

Being a big donut fan (or doughnut as it’s spelled in at Krispy Kreme’s), I needed to try out their products of course. So today at lunch time I drove over to their store to try their donuts. And… they were great!

Like in other Krispy Kreme stores you can see the donuts coming off a belt and the staff can serve them warm for you if you like. The original glazed donut is my favorite, when it’s still warm it literally melts in your mouth. Prices are decent, from RMB 7 for a original glazed donut to RMB 9 for the most expensive ones, such as the cookie crunch cheese cake donut or the powdered raspberry filled. You get a discount if you buy 6 or 12 donuts. Of course you need to drink coffee with your donuts, a medium sized cup is RMB 12 and a large one RMB 15.

Is Krispy Kreme better than Dunkin’ Donuts? I like both chains, but the warm glazed donut can’t be beaten by Dunkin’. Some of Dunkin’ Donuts varieties are not available at Krispy Kreme, so I will likely keep being a customer at both stores in the future.

Krispy Kreme, 169 Wujiang Lu, close to Taixing Lu, ???169?? ????, Metro Nanjing Xi Lu

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  1. Totally made my mouth water, M. I remember another Krispy Kreme opening somewhere else, how heralded it was, and the long lines streaming from the drive-through down city blocks (!!!) for a box of the piping fresh things.

    Can you eat donuts first thing in the morning though? If it’s still hot when you pop it in the mouth, it continues to expand (like oatmeal) inside your stomach. It’s why I try to limit myself to one bowl of the stuff, even though I’d often like to have more…