Bye Bye Farmville!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to give Farmville a try. Farmville is an online game developed by Zynga in which you have to manage and build out a farm. The game can be played on Facebook and on and is extremely popular, it’s currently the #1 online game in the world. The game has over 65 million players worldwide, which makes it the biggest online game in history.

When I started playing it, it was more for professional reasons than because I really wanted to play the game. I did not expect the game to be as addictive as it turned out to be. The first days I just planted some strawberries and let them die again, but once I connected to some friends I wanted to grow my farm and beat them. That’s not so difficult if you have a lot of time on your hands, but that’s exactly what I don’t have. Of course you can ‘cheat’ by spending real money in the game, but I did not want to do that either. So I had to come up with strategies to plant the most money- and time-efficient vegetables to grow your revenues and the size of your farm.

It was fun to do and I learned a lot about how to get people addicted to a game or how to persuade them to spend money. But after a couple of weeks of spending about 15 minutes every 2-3 days in the game, I now decided to call it quits. The game just takes too much time and actually also gets a bit repetitive. I now understand pretty much why this game performs so well, important to know and something that can be used for Spil Games’ business as well. The picture above is what my farm in Farmville looks like, my final action was to grow roses in the form of the word Bye.

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  1. Farmville is so addicting that my office just blocked Facebook in our network since most agent spend half of their time logged in. One time, our CEO was roving in the commerce station and to his dismay, each one was playing Farmville. The following morning, we can’t connect to the site and there was a message circulating about forbiddance of social network sites and instant messengers.

  2. The game does use up a lot of time (my spouse plays it when she feels bored), but you can get ahead quickly if you build up a chain of other farmers, then that cow would be granted a giveaway from one to another. The game is well pack, because it always gets new stuff in it. New inventory, new gifting tactics, etc. That