Shanghai Marathon t-shirt: great design….

Today I received my t-shirt for this weekend’s 2009 Shanghai Marathon. In previous years the t-shirt was white with a logo and the text Shanghai Marathon in black, but this year the organization had the luminous idea to experiment with colors. The result: a plain ugly light blue shirt with the text in even uglier colors…

Luckily we Spil Games Asia made t-shirts for all our runners (in total 15 colleagues will participate, we’re a sportive company!), so we won’t be tempted to wear the official t-shirts. Our shirts are white with a big orange/black Spil Games logo on it, so if you plan to watch the race you will be able to easily spot us in the sea of light blue marathon shirts.

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  1. Hey, just be happy. At least now you won't be hit by a car in the dangerous traffic of Shanghai because your very visible 😉

  2. grey and pink, designed for girls. looks great. i will pick up mine this afternoon.

    thanks for sharing.