Rest in peace oma

My dad just called to inform me that my grandmother (from my mother’s side) passed away. A week ago she suddenly fell ill with pneumonia and was hospitalized. But she seemed to be recovering well on Friday and was supposed to leave the hospital today. But this morning at 3 AM my parents got a call that her situation was deteriorating fast and they were advised to come to the hospital quickly. They were by her side when she passed away about an hour ago.

During my last year of high school I actually lived a few months with my grandmother, but when I started university I did not see her very often anymore. During the past years in China I tried to visit her at least a few times per year. The last time we met was in September this year during a holiday in Holland, and the picture is the last one that we are on together.

Rest in peace oma.

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  1. I am very sorry for your loss Marc.. My deepest condolences to you..

  2. Oma you may rest in peace. Condolences Marc. She is not gone. We will be together with her one day. She just have to go first and we will follow then