Macau could run out of water soon

Because of severe drought in Southern China (the worst in decades), drinking water levels in Macau have fallen to dangerously low levels. The gambling enclave just south of Hong Kong could run out of water in a matter of weeks. Salinity levels in the water are going up already, and when they get too high the government may start a bottled water program for its inhabitants.

With the Macau Grand Prix coming up in 10 days and the Macau Marathon in early December, this is not a good prospect for the city with more gaming revenues than Las Vegas. People who pay hundreds of US dollars in order to loose thousands of dollars more in the casinos won’t accept that they can’t take a normal shower afterward. The economy in Macau is almost completely dependent on gambling revenues, so I’d assume that the Chinese government won’t let that happen and will come up with a temporary solution.

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  1. Wouldn't want to run marathon there, although I like the Portugese town.