Too many items in my trash

My laptop got extremely slow over the past couple of days, so I decided to find out what the reason could be for this unexpected behavior. I could not really figure it out, until I noticed that my trash bin had over 3 million items in it. Several hundred GB of data that I had deleted but that was still sitting in there. After emptying the trash (which took at least an hour) and restarting the computer it is now noticeably faster, so maybe this was indeed the reason?

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  1. Marc, I have had this problem before as well and an IT friend of mine turned me on to CCleaner ( It's free and cleans any drive you select including the deleted items.

  2. That is the reason, do it often. I like your blog, plenty of interesting posts.

    I have put a link on my travel blog at the bottom of my page, i like to put interesting blogs on my site. You may return the favour too.

    I used to live in Holland for 4 years out of the last nine years of travelling around the world. Shanghai is on the list as a Chilean friend lives there now.

    Dank u wel, Rich.

  3. This may be a reason yes..

    I prefer "shift-del" instead of "del", if the item is something I'd never need..

    You can also set the maximum size of your recycle bin by right clicking on it..

    Unless you are using Linux of course 🙂