Scott is sick

Scott had a cold for a couple of days already, and earlier in the week he even stayed home from kindergarten because of this. It looked like his health was improving, until yesterday he suddenly became really sick. He had a fever and did not want to do much. He slept a lot and went to bed early last night. Around 1:30 AM he woke up and started to throw up in his bed. It went downhill from there, because he could not keep anything inside that he ate or drank. During the day he kept on throwing up, I felt so bad for him each time it happened.

His fever also got higher, and eventually we decided to see a doctor. Because our favorite doctor at Hongqiao Parkway Health (which is quite close to our home) was not available we drove to the United Family hospital. We were well taken care of, but because Scott had a high fever (38.2 degrees when we arrived) we had to sit in a special fever area. Swine fever precautions I assume. Hope we did not catch anything from others there…

The doctor checked Scott up and thinks it is a virus. He actually thinks it’s just beginning and Scott will be sick for at least a couple of more days 🙁 Interesting is that Scott could communicate to the doctor that he had pain in his tummy, I did not realize he was able to tell us this already. He also could say “aaa” when he had to open his mouth so the doctor could look into his throat. The nurse gave Scott some dehydration medicine while there, and when we left we got a whole bag of medicine for Scott to take. I hope it will at least make him feel a bit better.

Having a baby or toddler who is sick is much worse than I would imagine. The problem is that Scott cannot really communicate yet what he is feeling, and the only thing you can do is trying to comfort him as much as possible. He doesn’t understand what’s happening and is either very silent and in a half asleep state of mind, or crying like crazy because he is in pain. As a parent that is a terrible thing to see. I’d prefer to be sick myself, but of course that’s not possible. I hope he will recover soon and that Elaine won’t be infected…

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  1. hey marc. I think I saw you on the rooftop terrace at M1NT on saturday night…

  2. make sure he gets lots of rest
    and drinks more water. Did he eat anything out of the ordinary ?

    take care,
    hope he gets well soon


  3. Hi Marc, hope he got a bit better again.
    One comment.. I hope the nurse gave him REhydration instead of dehydration medication.



  4. @Rob United Family did not say anything about swine flu shots. I assume they are not available (yet). Will post here if I find something out about it.

    @shopgirl Don't think it was me, I was at home with Scott on Saturday night

    @marcel Indeed REhydration 🙂

  5. Hi Marc,
    I hope Scott is better now.
    Here in Germany we only got the usual flue shot for our family. The swine flue shot is not enough tested, therefore not recommended, I think.
    BTW, 38.2 degree fever is not that high for kids.
    Usually I would not give paracetamol below 38.5 (and this only at night).
    But Scott looks really bad in the picture. Poor little thing!
    I have lots of experience with doctors and hospitals due to L.'s weak immune system…. I agree with you. It is hard to see your child suffer.
    Regards also to Grace.