Shanghai Daily names person who requests anonymity…

Does the Shanghai Daily not have an editor that reads articles before they are printed? Today’s paper has a story on page 3 about Shanghai tourists that were killed in a landslide while trying to cross the Luxi Gorge in Zhejiang. At the end of the article one of the victims, Zhang Lin, is described. The article continues:

“I know he loves traveling, but we never imagined anything like this happening,” said his father, who requested anonymity. (emphasis added)

What can I say, you must be a pretty dumb editor to write this or to let this slip through the proofreading process!

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  1. Just to put it in perspective…how often have you seen this happen in the past? If it's common, then…

    Though I suppose the more significant question is why Marc van der Chijs reading China Daily? 😉

    Surely this isn't where he gets his China news, unless he's conducting a small research experiment? (::: tongue firmly in the cheek here. :::)


  2. @Adam I indeed don't read the China Daily, that 'news'paper is not worth the paper it's printed on. The Shanghai Daily I read for the local news that I often do not find on the blogs or other media that I consume.

    @anonymous If somebody requests anonymity you cannot reveal that he is the father, because then he's not anonymous anymore. The journalist should have just said 'a family member' or 'someone close to Zhang Lin'.