Scott's first 'real' car

Scott loves cars. When he goes outside the first thing he normally does is to run to our car and point that he wants to go for a ride. We never give in to that and I was wondering why he keeps on trying, until I recently found out that our driver sometimes gives him a ride around the compound before he drives me to work!

Because he likes cars so much we decided to order him a small ‘real’ car (he already has several tricycles and other user-powered vehicles). Scott got his car this weekend and he is extremely happy with it. It’s a battery operated car with a top speed of just 5 km/h (with a second battery it goes up to 12 km/h, but that’s for when he is a bit older), and it also has a remote control so we can decide where he can or cannot drive to. The only problem with the remote is that if Scott pulls the steering wheel hard enough he can override it, so that we (or better, his nanny) have to run after him all the time.

It’s interesting to see how quickly he understands how to operate the car, and it’s great to see how happy he is. Luckily typhoon Morakot did not arrive in mainland China on Friday or Saturday (as originally forecast), so Scott could spend a lot of time outdoor in his car this weekend.

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