It looks like we'll need a new lawn

This summer it rained a lot more than usual in Shanghai, and it also rained a lot harder. Over the past week it poured every day at least 1-2 hours and these were usually heavy rainstorms, flooding the streets in downtown Shanghai. Every single day our garden now turns into a (very shallow) swimming pool after it rains.

This morning I sat in the garden (if it doesn’t rain it’s often sunny a few hours a day) and noticed that half the grass had already died because of the water. I think we will need to order a new lawn when the monsoon will finally be over. That’s the good thing about Shanghai, you don’t need to grow your own grass but you just call a company. The next day a truck loaded with grass tiles comes over and within two hours all your old grass is gone and replaced by a fresh new lawn.

This is what our garden looked like last year after we changed the grass right after moving in: picture. Within days you don’t see that the grass consisted of separate tiles anymore, and it looks like a normal lawn.

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