Missing comments

A couple of days ago one of my staff told me that a friend of her was not happy because a comment that he or she had posted had not been allowed on my blog. I was a bit surprised because >95% of all comments are approved, and only in extreme cases I do not allow them on my blog. Normally the comments end up in my inbox and I approve them there, I could not remember that I recently did not allow a comment (except for spam comments).

Today I was approving a comment when I by mistake clicked on the wrong link and ended up in my comment moderation panel on I normally never go there, but when I looked at the panel I noticed there were about 25 comments that still had to be moderated! I was surprised and realized that these were all comments that I had approved in my mail over the past month or so, but that had not ended up on my blog. Some comments had appeared on my blog but the others were still in this comment list. I am not sure why this happened, I guess it has something to do with the fact that Blogger is blocked in China. Before I could approve all comments from my mailbox (whether using a proxy or not), but now it seems this has changed.

If you left me a comment over the past couple of weeks and you did not see it on my blog, I apologize for this. I will check the moderation panel more frequently from now on to make sure all approved comments indeed end up on my blog. Keep on writing comments, that’s what makes the posts more lively and I like the interaction with my readers.

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