Collapsed Shanghai tower could be a piece of art

For several weeks I was not able to download the NRC newspaper on my iLiad. This has nothing to do with the NRC, but everything with the iLiad: for some reason the wifi button stopped working after a few months already and now also the manual connection to wifi hardly ever works anymore. But on Saturday I tried it once again and suddenly I could connect to one of my home networks (but only one, I have no clue why the others could not connect).

So I was finally able to download and read some newspapers this weekend, and therefore I also came across the last page of Thursday’s paper. On it was a picture of last weekend’s collapsed Shanghai apartment tower. Famous Dutch poet Gerrit Komrij wrote an excellent column about the building that had fallen over, and he argued that it would make for a great piece of art: just put a fence around it and ask an artist to write a good description 🙂

That in itself may have been reason for a short blog post already, but what really caught my eye is how he heard about the collapse: he most likely read it on my blog! In the article he mentions that a friend on Facebook had sent him the picture from “the weblog of a Dutch entrepreneur in Shanghai”. Interesting how news travels over the world these days, and how it eventually gets back to me again. In case you should read this as well Mr. Komrij, thanks for mentioning it and I enjoyed reading your column!

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