Thanks KLM!

After two not particularly positive blog posts in a row about KLM, now a more favorable one.

First of all, KLM started following me on Twitter after I wrote about some of my negative experiences with their website. The fact that they have a Twitter account ( shows they are using Social Media, which is a good thing for any company. And that they follow me, means that they also check what people write about them on Twitter. I did not follow them yet, so it’s not just a follow back.

Second, when I just checked in for my flight back to China I noticed that I had an upgrade to a business class seat. It sometimes happens that when you check in online that you can change your seat to a business class seat (when you are an Elite member of their frequent flyer program), but to my surprise my reserved seat had already been changed by someone to a business class. Coincidence? Probably. But if not: Thanks a lot @klm!

This is already my third upgrade this year on intercontinental flights that are operated by the KLM or one of their partners (2 from Europe to Asia and 1 from China to the USA), so maybe their frequent flyer program that I was negative about in my last post still has some value. It does not mean, however, that I agree to the fact that you only get 25% of miles on non-full fare tickets. Reconsider this change KLM, it gives loyal customers a bad taste when they spend a lot of money on flight tickets but do not get the miles for it. Even when it’s very difficult to spend those miles under your current frequent flyer rules!

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  1. I gave up with KLM long time ago. In the meantime my airmiles are also mostly expired. Indeed they are worthless.
    Nowadays I fly with China Southern to Amsterdam. (From Beijing). I got a sky pearl class card and have business class at reasonable price. At least much and much lower price than KLM. OK, the food is bad, but at the airport just buy some nice candy, and the hours in your business class seat will be bearable. By the way there are direct flights from Shanghai Pudong to Amsterdam with China Southern. Its an OK airline.

  2. @Paul China Southern has direct flights from Pudong to Amsterdam? Wow, didn't know, that's great news. Need to check it out as soon as I'm back in China, first time I hear this. I used to fly them sometimes when I was living in Beijing in the early 2000's, not a good airline but I am always in the market for reasonably priced business class seats. I don't care about food, normally I bring my own french cheese, croissants, sushi and sometimes even caviar 🙂

  3. getting upgraded on a discount fare!! wow, consider yourself very lucky. personally i doubt it was coincidence….

  4. Be sure to ask Pearl Class. Thats the business class seats and the economy food and service. (Although the last ones really make no difference).
    Bye the way, although I love the web and its possibilities, some things just go better the old fashioned way. Meaning a good travel agent and nice payment conditions. You have to teach them, but its so convient and helped me out many times when I was blocked on weird airports. Just a phonecall and they arrange another flight and you arrive hours earlier at your destination or home. And really its not more expensive. And surely less stress.

  5. I’m mainly looking for one that includes TWO people on the airlines tickets. Any suggestions for a good card all the way around for earning “sky miles”……