Singapore airport has everything – even toilets with a view!

Last Saturday I flew from Singapore to Shanghai and I had a few hours to kill at Singapore Changi airport. Even though the airport is not the best in the world anymore (this year it was voted number 3, after Seoul and Hong Kong), it is still one of the few airports where I actually enjoy the waiting time for a flight. The restaurants and shops are excellent, the terminals are clean and make you feel relaxed. No constant announcements for flights that are boarding or departing and most important to me: free and fast wireless internet all over the airport.

The airport has several gardens where you can walk around, a free cinema, a free guided bus tour of Singapore (if you have a stop-over of 5 hours or more), and even an outdoor swimming pool on the roof. You can basically have a mini vacation while waiting for your next plane! And the airport has one other thing that I have not seen before: the male toilets have windows so you can watch the planes take off and land. Of course I had to take a picture of this 🙂

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  1. Singapore Zoo also has great restrooms. Tropical garden views with dripping water!

  2. Marc, if you like toilets with a great view, the views from the toilet in the restaurant at the top of the Taipei 101 are also highly recommended. Maybe something for a next trip

  3. Heel mooi maar uitkijken gezien het bord slippery floor.
    Antoinette Friedrichs.