Opening Academic Year 2009 at Maastricht University

On August 31 I will give the keynote speech during the Opening of the Academic Year at Maastricht University, the university where I received my masters degree in Business Economics. I am very honored that I was asked by the board of the university to give this speech. I still remember that when I first became a student in 1991 the Dutch prime minister Mr. Ruud Lubbers opened the Academic Year, and at that time I would have never imagined that I would ever get this honor. The theme of the day will be “Innovation and Leadership”, so I plan to give a talk related to this.

In the morning there will be a symposium where I will discuss a management idea and students can challenge me about that (see the flyer above that was distributed among students). The winners will get nice prizes. If you’re in Maastricht on August 31 I look forward to seeing you there, and if you are a student in Maastricht: feel free to challenge me!

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  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you. Think I will not be in Holland then. Would be nice though, Maastricht is a nice place.

  2. Congratulations!I found your blog very interesting and useful as I live in China and I run a small manufacturing company. As I said I like to read but this is the first time I leave a comment …and I would like to ask you an opinion about Kingdee/Ufida soft. Our business is getting more complicated and having all the finance part on excell is becaming a colossal waste of time so I am planning to buy a software for the fianacial managment first ( thinking about KIS or U8) to be integrated in the future. It will be first time for me to make such a decision and I am gathering information now…I would appreciate any comments or feedback you would like to give me.

  3. Hey Marc, It was really nice meeting you in Feb earlier this year in Shanghai.

    See you soon in Maastricht. I will be at the morning symposium. I am also looking forward to your speech in the afternoon.

    Xiaoyan Zhang