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Just now I was checking whether Google already indexes my new site (to be officially launched in a couple of days after uploading some more press articles), when I suddenly saw a result for a Wikipedia page for my name. I was very surprised because I had no idea somebody created one for me. The page contains a couple of mistakes, but I am afraid the Wikipedia rules do not allow me to change those.

I wonder who wrote the article? I can probably find that out on Wikipedia, but I did not figure out yet how to do that (history only shows 2 changes in late March this year). It’s likely a Dutch speaking person, because there are links to two Dutch articles. Feel free to let me know in the comments or in a private email if you are the original author. I am honored!

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  1. Hehe, remember our discussions about web 2.0 Be happy that they did not write about 3 children as you may will get in trouble with your wife in such a case, haha!

  2. I sure remember our web 2.0 discussion! I generally believe in the self-correcting power of Wikipedia. If someone would write that I have 3 kids instead of just 1, I assume someone would correct it. However, with pages like mine that not many people read and edit the question is when that would be. Maybe I would have to ask someone to change it for me.

    But you have a good point, if people like to trash you Wikipedia gives them an easy and quasi-anonymous way to do that. That’s the risk of a wiki, but I still believe most people are good – that’s why wiki’s normally work well.

  3. marc, you can go on and edit it to make it correct. wikipedia allows changes made by the same person who the article is talking about, so no problem.

  4. lol


    now you really r famous