The Sichuan Earthquake 1-year anniversary

Today it’s 5.12 and it’s exactly one year ago that a huge earthquake hit Sichuan province. Last year most entertainment websites, including Tudou, and, shut down for 3 days because of the national mourning. Today you will see that many sites on the Chinese Internet changed their look as well. Tudou for example did not show any ads on its homepage during most of the day and the homepage had a different look and feel – only black and white with some Tudou orange.

Last year Tudou had the first video of the earthquake on the site, shot during the earthquake. The person uploaded it to Tudou immediately after the earth stopped shaking. The film was viewed over 5 million times and the guy who made it won one of the Tudou Video Awards this year because of his reporting. In total there are now about 30,000 films on Tudou about the 5.12 earthquake, and as a reminder of what happened to everybody we put them all together here.

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