M1NT rooftop terrace opening

Yesterday I was invited to a shareholder brunch for the opening of M1NT‘s new rooftop terrace. I had been there a couple of times during the pre-construction already and was impressed by the end result. The terrace now has a wooden deck with tables, white pillow couches and a hammock with a view over the city. To get a tropical feel they even built a waterfall on the roof. In the middle there’s a well-stocked bar, where M1NT’s Danielo Hotti and his experienced cocktail staff were making excellent drinks all afternoon.

The brunch was as good as expected. Chef Dan Segall was busy running around all the tables serving everybody with salads (we had 6 or 7 salads in total, from simple tomato salads to an exquisite Thai salmon salad) and all kinds of barbecued meat and fish. Lamb, beef, pork, chicken, salmon and large shrimps, the food was all excellent and kept on coming. And so did the drinks: there was a free flow of wine and cocktails, and each time my glass was almost empty a new one was already put in front of me. That’s how I like it!

What I also like were the free head and neck massages that were provided. A few massage girls walked around the venue and gave everybody who wanted one a massage. Heavenly while sitting in the sun sipping on a Pimm’s cocktail!

From next weekend on you can try out the M1NT rooftop terrace brunch for yourself. For RMB 398 you get unlimited high quality food prepared by Dan Segall himself (he told me he will be in charge) and all the drinks you want on the rooftop terrace with the best view in town. More expensive than the average brunch in town, but you’ll get value for money. Looking forward to seeing some of you there this summer!

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  1. ziet er niet slecht uit, als ik weer in de stad ben kunnen we een pilsje doen 😉

  2. Not sure if there will be massages during brunch in the future. If it’s a success, I assume they will continue it.