Spil Games Asia on ICS

Last week Shanghai TV was in the Spil Games Asia office to shoot some footage for their weekly program Biz Time. This week’s main topic was that it’s more difficult for foreigners to find jobs in Shanghai because of the economic crisis. The program among others interviewed CEIBS’ Laurie Underwood (co-author of China Entrepreneur) and two foreign entrepreneurs. I said a few things about success factors in setting up a business in China and the program also showed part of our Shanghai office.

I almost forgot to watch it actually, but luckily my wife had put an alarm on her phone. The alarm text read “Marc program” and at first we both had no clue what that was supposed to mean. But suddenly I remembered the interview and just in time we switched on the TV!

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  1. Hey Marc,

    That’s pretty impressive – would you happen to have the video interview on hand? I’m especially interested in seeing it.

    And of course, congratulations!

  2. I didn’t record it except for a small part with my Flip video. It was just a short piece and really nothing special. Bu still interesting enough to post here of course 🙂 Probably should have wrote about it in advance, but I forgot about the program.

  3. can’t the broadcasting company send you a copy of the programm?

  4. @David They probably could send me a copy (they should have the original), but don’t think they will do it. If someone from ICS reads this, let me know if you can do this.