View from the TriplePoint office in SF

I am in San Francisco at the moment for the annual Game Developers Conference. Having a great time here, but with an overloaded schedule. It’s so bad that I have not seen one speech or presentation yet over the past days and I didn’t even visit the expo yet. It looks like I may not even manage to get there, because also today I am tied up in meetings. Nothing to complain about though, because the main reason for being here is not the show, but meetings with media, research analysts and many of our game partners. So far the trip has been very successful, I met many people and learned a lot, and worked on some ideas for the future strategy of Spil Games.

Many of the meetings were set up by Spil Games PR agency TriplePoint. They are a (or maybe even the) leading agency in the interactive entertainment & gaming space with offices in SF, NY and LA. TriplePoint allowed me to work in between meetings from their office on Union Square, which is very useful during a conference. Their office has one of the best views you can imagine. It’s located on Union Square at the top floor of the Tiffany’s building. There is a balcony where you can sit outside in the sunshine overlooking the city. Excellent, and nothing compared to the view from my office in Shanghai! Maybe I should just stay here 🙂

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