M1NT Shanghai roof terrace

Today was a beautiful day in Shanghai, not only did we have a blue sky but temperatures went up to 26 degrees around lunch time – see the screen shot below from Yahoo Weather. I had an excellent lunch at M1NT again, Dan Segall is doing a great job as the new executive chef at M1NT. With 4 people we decided to order all 12 different items on the lunch menu, and all of them not only looked impressive but also tasted fantastic. Because of Dan’s fusion cooking talent M1NT has quickly become my favorite place for lunch.

Because of the nice weather I afterward decided to have a look at the roof terrace. That did not open yet officially, but once it will open in April this year it will be one of the best places to hang out for after work drink. As you can see from the picture, M1NT put half-open windows in the exterior walls, so you have a great view over the city from the 25th floor roof top. By April there will also be a big open-air jacuzzi installed in one of the corners, so you can even enjoy the views while soaking in a hot tub. I now already look forward to that!

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  1. It’s still a private club (and will remain a private club), but the restaurant is open to the public. You can make reservations at +86 21 6391 2811.

  2. Do you belive the money is worth it? I heard the membership fee is around RMB9,000/yr. What is the added value for that you believe?

  3. There are many reasons to become a member in my opinion (but as a shareholder I am of course biased :).
    Some of these include:
    – Unlimited access to the club and events
    – You can get private dining rooms and can use conference facilities
    – You can use the club for private functions
    – You are part of a high level social network (at lunch I am always amazed how many people know each other)
    – Access to VIP tickets to sport events, concerts etc. worldwide
    – Access to all other M1NT clubs worldwide

    There are some other perks as well that may be interesting to some, but probably don’t add real value for most, such as being able to charter helicopers and jets.

    Last but not least, if you are interested to become a shareholder in the future, you can get on the waiting list as a member.

  4. It looks from the photo like four chairs put in the middle of a parking lot.

    How much was lunch? Would you be so enthusiastic about the place if you weren’t a shareholder?

    The whole idea of M1nt just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

  5. @James Yes, I would be as enthusiastic about M1NT if I would not be a shareholder. As I have stated before on this blog, I did not invest in M1NT just to earn money, but because Shanghai was lacking this kind of club.

    Lunch was just over RMB 1000 for 4 people, I don’t think there are many places in the world where you get this kind of high quality food for such a decent price. Not even in Shanghai.

    M1NT may not be the place for you, and I am sorry to hear it leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Maybe you should have lunch there once, I am sure it will change the taste a lot.

  6. wah, a 1000 yuan for 4 person lunch is EXPENSIVE! Tai gui le!!!

    Of course if you compare it to the Netherlands it’s peanuts… but hey.. we’re in China and I eat for about 20Y in the midday. These are prices only the richest people in China can afford.

  7. @Thijs Tai gui le? This is a top-quality fusion lunch in one of the nicest locations in Shanghai, not an average lunch that you can get all over China. I also have meals sometimes for RMB 20 or less, but would not dare to compare that to having a lunch at M1NT.

  8. “You are part of a high level social network”

    hahaha, Marc… you just love to be seen and heard, don’t you ?

  9. @anonymous Not trying to deny that, it’s great to be involved in all kinds of conversations offline and (especially) online. It’s not only about being heard, but more about listening to others – that’s where I learn most and get lots of ideas.

  10. I know you from Flickr when I searched for some Shanghai photos. Then I noticed a lot of photos of tudou. Finally I checked tudou from google and find you and gary. So, it is a chain action, funny. Truely speaking, I checked out more interesting Chinese stuff from youtube than that in tudou. I know all the difficulties of business in China. Pay salute to your positiveness and passion for business promotion there.
    Anyway, thank you for your photos of eclipse in Shanghai today, I like it very much. They are so real-time.
    As an overseas Shanghainese, your photos make me feeling back home.