Construction companies: Spil Games Asia will NOT move

Monday afternoon it suddenly started, I received a call from a construction company telling me they heard that our company would move and that they were interested in designing and constructing the new office. I told them they had the wrong information, but they insisted their source was very well-informed. An hour later the boss of the company called me with the same story, seemingly trying to pressure me to admit that we would move our company in the near future. He even said he knew how many square meters we rented. I stayed polite and told him he was wrong.

Tuesday two other construction companies called me with the same question, all telling me that their sources told them that we would move and that they are interested and qualified to work with us. This continued the whole week and it’s driving me nuts. If I get a call now and hear the word ‘construction company’ I immediately say “we are not moving” and hang up on them.

I think I know where the rumor comes from, another company that I am involved in is likely going to move to a much bigger office (no name, otherwise they will get all the calls). For some reason the well-informed source mixed up my name with the person in charge of the other company and has given all construction companies that he has connections with my name and mobile phone number. Hopefully some of them will first Google my name and find this blog post before calling me.

Update: Right after posting this I received my first call from a moving company, telling me that ‘their friend’ told them we are relocating to a new office. I hope the call is not the beginning of another trend.

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  1. I feel for you. Shortly after registering my WFOE, I started getting about 5, 6 calls per day from various accounting, web site design, consulting firms. I think somebody at the Administration of Industry and Commerce sold my name and mobile number to some firms that compile marketing lists.

  2. @Carson:
    It’s indeed quite likely that kind of information is sold. I remember a story that pregnant women (who are required to register in the hospital) will get phonecalls from various baby-stuff-related manufacturers around the expected date of birth. Hospitals (or health bureaus) sell the information in bulk. Very widespread corruption unfortunately 🙁

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