Photo shoot for Scott's 1st birthday

Last week Scott had his first birthday and because of that we decided to take some professional pictures of him. We found a photo studio specialized in baby pictures on Hongmei Lu (Babypark, 5/F, 3211 Hongmei Lu, phone 021-6208 3786, above City Supermarket) and last Sunday we went there to do the photo shoot.

The shoot itself was quite tiring: Scott did not exactly like to follow the photographer’s directions and he had to use many tricks to get Scott to collaborate. It took us over two hours to take all the pictures we wanted to take, but it was totally worth it. We love the photos! The photographer said that Scott actually did quite well, normally one-year old babies are much more difficult to work with. Glad I don’t have his job.

The other pictures you can see here as a set on my Flickr account.

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  1. Hey Marc, I have a question to ask you

    How you, your wife and your family in law do speak to Scott ? Dutch only ? Chinese only ? Both ? Even more ? Do you see any results or it’s early for now ?

    We do not have kids yet but we already talk about that “issue”. We think that it would be good if I speak only French to him/her, my wife would speak only Taiwanese (Minnan, her native language), we will continue to speak english among us and chinese will be learnt by TV and later at school.

    Have a good evening


  2. @tortue My wife and nanny speak mandarin Chinese with Scott, I speak Dutch with him, and when my wife and I communicate together with him it’s normally English. His understanding of Chinese is getting pretty good already because that’s what he hears 90% of the time. English and Dutch a lot less so far. He does not really speak yet (just simple words like mama), but I assume his first real words will be Chinese.

  3. @Tortue: this is Marc’s wife. I decided to speak Mandarin Chinese to Scott because Chinese is much more difficult than English and Dutch. Starting early on will make it a lot easier for Scott. I hardly know anybody who can master Chinese as a non-native speaker. For Dutch we just learned that kids should learn certain pronunciations before they turn 2-year old. Otherwise they might have difficulties pronouncing them. So I guess it really depends on the languages on your list.

  4. @Both of you

    Thank for your kind suggestion !

    Over there, most of the people (even mainlanders) do have 2 natives languages (mostly Minnan, some Hakka) except in Taipei where they just have some notions) but the chinese remain what he/she’ll hear 90% of the time anyway.

    Have a nice evening,