Lost laptop returned!

There are still some good people in this world. Last night my colleague Guo Haibin left his MacBook Pro laptop in a taxi, but we did not have the name of the taxi company nor the license plate number (see my blog post from this morning). Today a Spil Games secretary called all taxi companies in and around Hilversum and after about 15 companies she found the one that drove my colleagues to their hotel. At first they did not realize they had the bag, but they called the company back an hour later that they found it! They even brought it to our office (of course we paid for the taxi fee, plus a nice tip). After last night I honestly did not expect we would still be able to trace the laptop, but I am very happy to see that the taxi driver was honest and returned the computer.

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  1. a lot of things are better in China but I guess you would never have your laptop returned if lost in a Shanghai cab. Or maybe i’m wrong and people have other experiences.

  2. “There are still some good people in this world.”

    I think so. LOL..