Father and son

Scott was very happy to see me again after I came back from Beijing early this afternoon. I traveled a bit too much lately but likely I will not leave Shanghai anymore the rest of this year. To compensate Scott for my absence I spent most of the afternoon with him, we played in the garden, went for a walk around the compound, and I taught him how to jump on my bed. Great bonding, but because he was so excited he refused to go to sleep tonight…

Scott on his swing in our garden

I am going to spend more time with him over the next weeks, I miss too much of his development because I only see him less than 1 hour per day (in the morning before I’m off to work and when I come home at night). My little boy really makes me happy!

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  1. Very cute son you have. Great to get back and spend some time together for sure.

  2. Beste Marc,

    geniet zoveel je kunt van je kinderen nu ze nog klein zijn en nog helemaal van jou. Deze periode vliegt voorbij. Zul je zien. Groeten Antoinette Friedrichs.
    Ps: Nu geen Shanhai-ren meer. Zijn terug in Duitsland maar volgen jou ervaringen nog steeds met veel interesse.