Early morning walk in Beijing

This morning I made walk through the neighborhood before my first meeting of the day. It was a beautiful morning in Beijing, a clear blue sky and quite cold (at least if you’re used to Shanghai temperatures). Of course I had my camera with me and I took some pictures during the walk.

Hutongs are still being destroyed around Gulou
Skating on Houhai, I was surprised that the lake was frozen so early in the year already
The bridge in the middle of the Houhai bar area, no ice below it yet
View over Houhai to the bridge
Bike riders wearing thick clothes in front of GulouAnd in the Tudou courtyard it is quiet as always, I actually woke up from singing birds this morning!

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  1. Great pics.
    My favorite area of Beijing!
    Since when do you have a courtyard? Are you using it for business? Is it empty when you are in Shanghai? Can we rent it?
    from Stuttgart

  2. Hi Susanne,
    The courtyard belongs to Tudou, we’ve had it since early this summer. It’s used by the company and therefore we do not rent it out.
    How’s Stuttgart? Missing Beijing?

  3. great to know u r in BJ. I am here as well. Let me know if you have some time to meet up:)

  4. I am back in Shanghai already, was only in BJ for 36 hours. Too bad I didn’t know you were in town, would have been good to catch up. Any plans to come back to China or do you plan to stay in Silicon Valley?