Scott turns 11 months old and can now walk!

Today our little boy Scott turned 11 months old and exactly today he started to walk without help. My wife shot a few video’s to prove it to me. Scott has already been walking for a while (he sort of skipped crawling actually), but so far he had been afraid to walk if nobody would hold his hand. I look forward to going home tonight so Scott can show off his walking skills to me as well!

Some more video’s of Scott taken over the past few weeks you can find here on Tudou:

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  1. Only 11 months and already walks (more than crawl !) ?! Congrats ? Scott 🙂

  2. Luca walked only when he was about 17 months!

    Cute boy! Congratulations !
    And a fast walker ! keeps the ayis busy…

    nice new house as well!