And that's two: another Dunkin' Donuts shop in Shanghai

Exactly one week ago Dunkin’ Donuts opened its first shop in Shanghai on Fuzhou Lu, and I have since had their donuts three times already. From now on I will take it a bit easier, but after years without good donuts I felt I deserved it 🙂

It will not be easy to stay away from Dunkin’ though, because their second shop seems to be ready to open: this afternoon I drove on Xizang Nan Lu (Tibet South Road), where I noticed another outlet of Dunkin’ Donuts. The location: on Xizang Lu/Huaihai Lu on the ground floor of the Lan Sheng building, next to the Bank of China.

Decoration seems to be almost finished, so I think it will open in the next couple of days. The store seems to be bigger than the one on Fuzhou Lu, so hopefully their donut selection will also be a bit bigger than that of their first store.

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  1. haha i just find it so much harder to choose if it’s a big store. i think i will need to go to the fuzhou one, in orde to save some calories 😛

    cause if i end up with bigger selection then of course my order will get much bigger