Sit-in protest at Carrefour

Last night I was at Carrefour in Gubei to buy some groceries when I noticed a girl sitting on the ground in the electronics department with a lot of people around her. One of the store employees told us that the girl had bought a mobile phone, used it but did not like it anymore. So she returned to the store and wanted to return it. But naturally Carrefour did not want to take it back since it was working well and had been used.

So what did the girl do? She made a fuss, sat down on the ground and refused to move! Eventually the police was called in and they made a report, but the crying girl still did not want to go. I did not wait to see what would happen, but of course took a picture for my blog 🙂

Note: I only got this side of the story from the Carrefour employee, so maybe there was more to this that I am not aware of.

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