Scott 8 months old!

This week Scott turned 8 months old already. Amazing how time flies and how big he has grown over the past months. I am so happy with my little boy, it’s the nicest thing in the world when I come home at night and he smiles at me and stretches his little arms in my direction to show that he wants me to hold him.

Even though he is growing a lot, he is losing some of his baby fat at the same time. The reason is that he is incredibly active and probably walks hundreds of meters every day inside our house. He can walk pretty fast already, but of course we still have to support him otherwise he falls down right away. The strange thing is that he does not crawl yet but went straight to walking.

He is also trying to form his first words, but they are still indecipherable. I think that will change soon, though. He tries to imitate us all the time, he even copies my coughing (I’ve been having a cough for the past 4 weeks that does not want to go away). The last thing he taught himself is how to clap his hands after we were doing that. It’s so nice to see his development.

For his 8-month birthday we bought our happy boy an ice cake and we got him a small computer. He loves computers and each time one of us uses a laptop around him he wants to play with it as well. My screen is covered in his fingerprints and he has drooled all over my keyboard more than once. But now he has his own computer, so hopefully our laptops will become less interesting to him!

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  1. Haha, what can a baby do with a computer? I cannot imagine he will start programming C++ before he talks. If that happens, please tell me how to accomplish that though 😀

    Is it a Chinese custom to celebrate the 8th month? I didn’t know that this was some special milestone.

  2. @thijs 8 months is not a special custom, but I never miss an opportunity to throw a (small) party 🙂