Spill Group's new name: Spil Games

Today Spill Group officially changed its name to Spil Games. Over the past years Spill Group has become known as a leader in game portals. Therefore the brand image under the name Spill Group did not accurately reflect who we are, what we do and what we stand for. The main purpose of the new brand name is to quickly give our customers, portal visitors, the press, and other business partners an accurate representation of our identity and exactly what we do.

The logo has changed as well, the new logo is more playful and exciting, as a gaming company’s logo should be. The new logo keeps the original corporate colors and branding, but has been revamped to include a bouncing ball element. And of course with a new company name you also need a new website: check it out at

The name Spill Group Asia won’t be used anymore either, from now on our Asian operations will carry the name Spil Games Asia.

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  1. I like the logo.

    the name change from “group” to “games” makes perfect sense to me.

    and just out of curiosity: why the disappearing “l” in Spil(l)?

  2. We needed to change our name to one better associated with our business. We took the