My tickets for the 2008 Beijing Olympics!

Exactly one month from today the 2008 Beijing Olympics will open, on 08-08-08 at 08:08 PM (8 is a lucky number in China). And today I received my tickets for the Beijing Olympics, and of course I had to take a picture of the tickets 🙂

I only bought tickets for the last 9 days of the Olympics, including a ticket for the Closing Ceremony. But a couple of days ago I heard that I am also invited to attend the Opening Ceremony of the Games as a guest of Dell (thanks to Tudou). That means two trips to Beijing during the Olympics, I am looking forward to it!

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  1. Is it expensive tickets ? I just bought some ticket for the Shnghai GP, was already quite expensive (not to mention the flight from HK and h

  2. i. am. jealous. 😀 — but hope you have a great time at both ceremonies! btw, do those tickets really have your passport number embedded in it? or is that a rumor?

  3. @tortue: Tickets are quite cheap actually, on average I spent about RMB 300-400 per ticket. And those are for good seats. Most events have tickets for less than RMB 100.

    @christine: Only my name is on the ticket, but it seems there is a RFID chip inside the opening and closing ceremony tickets (they are thicker than the other tickets) with among others passport information.

  4. I’m not jealous, not jealous, really not 😉

    A related question, will we be able to see Olympic videos on Tudou? I believe I read that there are some rules about who can/cannot broadcast online video from the Games? Don’t remember the details though.

  5. @Thijs The Olympics is one of the most protected sports events worldwide for all media. Websites can buy the rights to broadcast sports videos, but you likely won’t see them on Tudou.