Le Sirop de Monin

Last Sunday night while shopping at Grand Gateway, I found a small shop specialized in coffee and coffee accessories. If you follow me on Twitter you probably know I like to drink good coffee, so I decided to venture into the shop. I not only came out with some nice cappuccino and espresso cups, but I also found a chocolate-flavored syrup from Monin (Le Sirop de Monin). The shop owner told me it would be a great combination with coffee or espresso, so I decided to give it a try.

For some reason I forgot about the syrup until about an hour ago, when I was looking for an espresso cup. I decided to put some in my espresso, and the result….. was heavenly! A fantastic combination. I normally drink my coffee strong and black, no sugar or milk for me. But this really adds something to the taste, as long as you just put in a few drops. I won’t add it to every cup I drink, but for afternoon coffees it’s a great alternative!

I am not sure at what other places you can buy Le Sirop de Monin in China, but I found it in a small shop in Grand Gateway (Gang Hui) in Xujiahui on the fourth floor, on the connection between the two buildings. A 250 ml bottle sells for about RMB 80 (EUR 8) if I remember correctly. The Chinese importer of Sirop de Monin can be found here.

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  1. Hi Marc,

    Yesterday i also saw your sirop de Monin (also the chocolate one) in the souterrain of the West Brilliance mall (Jianhe lu – Xianxia lu corner) at the Hola interior decoration shop. They also have some good coffee. Sirop de Monin not only the small 250ml bottles, but also the big 1 liter bottles (RMB 99 for a 1 liter). Probably closer to your new home.