Baby boy Scott update

It’s been a while since I last wrote about my little baby boy Scott. He is growing up fast: even though he is not even 6 months old, he is about 70 cm tall and has a weight of 9 kilogram. And he is such a sweet boy, he hardly ever cries and smiles at us all the time. He makes me happy each time I see him, and I miss him every time I am going on a business trip (I am writing this while in the business lounge at Pudong airport on my way to Holland, and I miss him now already!). He is almost starting to crawl now, he easily turns around from his tummy to his back and the other way around and he can also use his arms to move himself around like the arms of a clock. Just moving forward is something he did not figure out yet.

He is also making more and more sounds, but no real words yet (or is ababa a word?). Likely he will start talking later than other babies, because we are trying to raise him tri-lingual (Chinese, English and Dutch). At least according to the books it then takes a bit longer before the baby will form meaningful words, we’ll see. One thing is certain, having a baby is the best thing that ever happened to me. This is something I could not have imagined a year ago, but it is absolutely fantastic to have a little baby. And as people tell me, it will only get better!

Since a couple of weeks Scott has his own page on Flickr with all his pictures, so if you want to see him growing up go to

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  1. He looks very cute! I’ll closely follow your blog about the baby-language for sure. I’m very curious how it works when a baby is raised with 3 languages. How do they figure out which words to use when? Does it negatively impact the ability to learn the languages (except the speed)? One day, I’ll probably be in the same position as you 🙂