House for sale…

At the moment I am in Holland and among others I went to take a (last) look at the house where my grandparents used to live. My grandfather passed away a couple of years ago and now my grandmother became too old to live here alone and moved into a nursing home. That means the place will likely be sold soon…

That’s a pity because it’s a fantastic place filled with memories from my childhood. I came here very often when I was a kid, playing in the big garden (3400 sqm) or swimming in the pool. Even though Holland has become increasingly full you don’t really notice it when you are here. That’s what I like about it, it’s close to a small town (Ommen), but you feel like you are far away from the busy world. The house actually has two more small houses in the garden, a teahouse (with own bathroom) and a slightly bigger vacation house close to the entrance gate (with its own bathroom and kitchen). There is also a stable for a horse and a swimming pool, which has not been used in many years.

If I would have lived in Holland I might have considered buying the property myself, but it does not really make sense when you live in China. Therefore the house will come on the market soon for a price of about EUR 800,000. In my opinion not bad considering the excellent location. However, the place needs to be renovated (e.g. a new kitchen, new bathroom and possibly changing the lay-out) to comply with modern living standards. In case you’re interested feel free to drop me an email. More pictures of the house can be found here.

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  1. Hello,Marc(?).Forgive my pool English.I am a college student in Jiaotong University,and today I read some words about you and the hiphone,also called orange phone in, i happened to here,and find your interesting life.
    If I was you,maybe I will choose to buy the wonderful memories instead of selling them out.It’s a really beatiful place.I am so admire you.
    Maybe your website is not in China,because the feel I view it in the campus is so sucks…
    best wishes!

  2. Ha, 800K Euro for 3400SQM land + houses…..

    I looked into an appartment here in Hong Kong last year…similar pricing… however this was 700SQFT! at a high floor in a new building..

    The good thing was ….harbourview though 🙂

  3. What about buying it and rent it to somebody else? So you can own this meaningful place and can always move in again whenever you decided to return to Holland one day. Once it falls to the hands of somebody else……the house will begin a completely new life……

  4. @bib My website is hosted in the US, therefore it is slow inside China

    @marcelekkel This one has a view of the river Vecht, it’s located on the old Vecht river (which was “canalized” years ago). And you can still see the tops of the boats in the distance of the “new” river. The river is normally 2-3 meters below the land so you won’t see the water.

    @cintia I have no plan to move back to Holland, and if I would I would probably move to Amsterdam. So that’s not really an option. Renting out is not so easy as in Shanghai, and certainly not in this price range.