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  1. “shrink cunt”, lol. similar to the name board in the hosbital “cunt examnination”. actually the medical term in chinese is correct, but the english translation is way too…wrong. the words used sound very much famerlike, hehe. dunno if it’s lack of attention or the language sensibility.

  2. My guess is that it’s one of the many interesting amenities that often appear in a basket of goodies on the bathroom counter inside China’s 3 star hotels.
    Uh…at least that’s what I’ve heard from guys who actually stay in China’s 3 star hotels.
    I myself prefer the comparitively upscale 4 star accomodations that simply give you rectangular plastic combs.

  3. Lol!

    Ik moest stiekem even lachen toen ik deze post zag in mijn rss reader haha!

    Ik heb ooit een foto gemaakt (iets minder grappig) van een handblower op een toilet met als merknaam “SLET”. Iedereen kreeg daar een blowjob van de Slet 😉

  4. A friend and I checked into a “three-star” hotel in way-out-in-the-boonies Chaozhou and found a pack of “amenities” (for sale, not complimentary) waiting for us: “man lotion,” “woman lotion,” shrink-wrapped towels and the like…

    But then again, this phenomenon seems to tie in with the sheer profusion of “mens’ hospitals” and “womens’ hospitals” I’ve seen here in China. (!) Somehow.